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Colorado's premier workplace massage corporation
Great relationships start by being intentional.


We are intentional about one thing:
supporting the health and longevity of your business!



No hotel room, private party, airport, or in-home massages for us.

We save our best for you and your team.



Employ Massage for your workday experience or company-sponsored event today! 

Company Benefits

Our background and model direct our actions in a way that is very unique. Starting with being accessible to every enterprise, and ending with concentrating our efforts on the workplace, we think we have a business that is pretty special. Take a look at what we believe makes us great, and discover more ways we can help you.

Workplace Benefits


Offering chair massage as a benefit is a big deal. It is a great way to say "Thank you for your hard work!", and the benefits go even further than reassurance. Look at what else you can expect from implementing a consistent workplace chair massage program.

Who We Are

We are massage therapists. We are employee and family advocates. We are entrepreneurial enthusiasts.
We are driven to help your business succeed because that will help families succeed.
We are passionate about your employees feeling valued -
An integral component linked to loyalty and motivation!

What We Offer

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Our Clients Say

  • Working with Employ Massage provides an effective and low-cost way to show my employees gratitude for all their hard work and dedication to the team. Not only were my employees relaxed after their massage session, but they felt appreciated which is something we all want to feel more often.

    Shannon R.
  • My experience with Employ Massage was wonderful! Cassandra was professional and provided a great service for me and my team. She was flexible and generous with her time and I can’t wait to set up another Wellness Day with Employ!

    Alex D.
  • Cassandra is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with and her business service is exceptional. Fruit and water awaited our massage, and she was attentive and thorough with each one of our employees. I can't recommend her highly enough!

    Andrea O.

Membership / Licensed Therapist