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Our Vision

We see a world where business owners want to create a better life for themselves AND their employees.


We see workplace loyalty being restored.


We see employees eager to come to work, knowing they are supported and valued.


We see families becoming closer-

being more productive at work means less stressing over work at home.


We see a stronger business community - supported by massage!


  We want to set the standard for service and attentiveness to you and your team.


 We want to give your business a simple-to-implement and affordable way to express your gratitude.


We want your money and time to go as far as possible- so we address both health and appreciation with the same dollar!


  We want to support the health and longevity of your business. 


We want to remind the world that businesses DO CARE!


I've been a massage therapist for over a decade, which means I've had time to work in numerous businesses. Some experiences were ok, some were great, and others were really horrible. Out of those experiences, I saw skill and loyalty being consistenly under-valued, which seems to be a problem across all industries.


I can relate to your workers who feel their accomplishments are being over-looked, and I can relate to those who know the satisfaction of having them fully recognized. Personally, I have worked with a company who would not give me one weekend day off a month (to have time with my kids) after I had spent three years working every weekend, and I have worked with a company who was constantly asking if there was "anything else I needed" or "what else can we do for you?" because they saw how many appointments my talent and dedication were adding to their calendar. They recognized how hard I was working, and looked for ways to reward me- I never had to ask.  The motivation I felt from that kind of recognition was so intoxicating and motivating, I set off developing a business model that would allow me to create that feeling for as many people as possible, by using what I know best - massage!


Mr primary purpose in all of this is to strengthen businesses, because even though we have all felt slighted by them (on occasion), they are at the heart and breath of our existence- affecting not only our professional lives, but our personal and familial lives as well. As I see it, a robust business can lead directly to improved family connection, longevity, and prosperity. I understand that cannot be your main consideration when deciding how much to invest into your team, but I do believe pursuing this grand picture - businesses at the center of a more unified and loving world - is worthwhile.  And creating that world is as simple as investing into the well-being of your team!


-Cassandra Miller

Nonprofit Support

Our love of business extends to local and national not-for-profit organizations as well.


We have charities we support on a recurring basis, but we like to give

whenever we can, and wherever we are needed.


Look for us out in a community near you!